My outlook

The thing about food is that it tastes really good.

And the better it tastes, the more we want. The haze descends and the greed kicks in. But the consequences of this way of eating are often saddening. We are in the grips of an obesity epidemic, but I feel the powers that be haven’t got their strategy quite right. Whatever MP is trying to increase food labelling, there isn’t a force strong enough to hide the crunchy, sweet, salty goodness that I know is concealed with that packet. I have been known to run the red light many times over to get my fix.

The amount of labelling will not change the attitude some people in this country have towards food. Smokers still light up numerous times a day. It is education that is crucial, and the benefits of good nutrition need to be extolled from the rooftops. Sell it like the fat cats sell their sugar-laden crap, make it desirable, make it happen.

I wish there were more words to describe the feeling you can experience with good nutrition. Despite being a trained writer, I can only attempt to convey the vibrancy, buoyancy and zest for life that I attribute wholly to good food. My definition as such, by the way, means whole foods, as unprocessed as possible, not interfered with and preferably from a decent origin. I want to eat it all, carbs, fats, the lot, just not in the vast quantities that the manufacturers would like.

The stark warnings about heart disease, diabetes and early death don’t seem to be hitting home, so maybe it’s about time for new tactics. Let’s tap into the consumer lifestyle of our modern age and not sell a healthy lifestyle short. The real secret to a happy life? Food.


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