My blender hasn’t been part of my kitchen company for long, but it is proving itself to be a valuable member of the team. The way in which it turns cooked vegetables and chicken stock into heavenly, silky soup is beyond magnificent. But I bought it originally with smoothies in mind.

I am a big fan of Innocent Smoothies. They’re all fruit and you can taste the goodness. Alas, like so many tasty treats in life, Innocent drinks are accompanied by a fairly hefty price tag. Not bad once in awhile, not good for every day.

“There must be an easier way!” I declared, to no one in particular. Thus I purchased a Basics Blender from my local Sainsbury’s for the very reasonable price of ยฃ12.50 (ยฃ15 originally, less ยฃ2.50 Nectar points bonus – score!)

I’m not very good at making smoothies yet. I keep getting my ratios wrong, or the combinations don’t work, or they’re far too watery. It’s a good job I’m a determined sort, otherwise I would never have tasted this concoction that I had for breakfast. In the mix we’ve got a banana, two apricots, half a mango, 750ml cranberry and orange juice and 2 tbsp low fat raspberry yoghurt. This was my best so far, but I’m not up to Innocent standard yet. But I have learnt so far that a) dairy is a crucial element to good smoothies and b) smoothies must be throughly blitzed to be palatable.

If my smoothie-making-abilities do improve, you can be sure to see a recipe post coming along soon.




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