Waste of paper

I do love a freebie. When I’m in the supermarket, which I so often frequent, I am forever plucking free leaflets and magazines from the shelves. My most recent copy drew me in with the headline, “Love Your Freezer.” What-ho, thought I, a treasure trove of recipes was about to be uncovered.
Sadly, I was disappointed, though not entirely surprised.
Instead of tickling the tastebuds with meals suitable for home freezing, the article was shouting about all the “wonderful” products you could buy to make your life “easier”. Hmmm . . .
There was a good page on running an efficient freezer, and a mushroom soup recipe earlier in the magazine that I duly copied down. But the freezer recipe section was merely an advertisement for the store, containing little practical advice for the home cook. It proved to be another reminder to me that all supermarkets want is your money, their care does not extend past your purse.
My freezer is a lifeline to me, particularly during the last week of the month, before my bank account is replenished by payday. It provides good meals in minutes, without the need for a microwave. After an eight-hour shift, it’s pasta on for ten minutes, bolognese sauce on for ten minutes, and within twenty minutes of getting through the door, you’ve got your feet up with a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese, watching Gavin and Stacy.
Maybe I am being too cutting towards this freebie. After all, it does list the recipes that contribute towards 5-a-day and the simplicity of the recipes would be beneficial to someone new to the kitchen. But the way in which supermarkets are constantly forcing their products onto people irks me somewhat. I may have to venture elsewhere soon.
What do you keep in your freezer?


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