The Cook in the Nook

Let me tell you a little story that’s all about me.

When you venture up the spiral staircase at the tip top of Number 6, you will find the Nook. A small, studio sized apartment, with adjoining bathroom and the cutest kitchen you have ever laid eyes on. I was sold on this place as soon as I saw the massive kitchen unit that separates the kitchen from the living/sleeping space. I thought about how many pots, pans and supplies I could store underneath it and I said yes.

Here’s the crux. I live in this humble home with no internet connection and no TV.
I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

But now the penny has dropped and you’re thinking, hang on one diddly-minute, how can she be the author of such a wondrous blog? (Why thank you . . .)
I am either currently stealing internet at the home of my chap, or I will copying and pasting at the library. I am not sure of which option it is, as I do tend to type my posts in advance. That’s the thing, I would love to post more frequently, share my plate instantaneously and become more active in the foodie side of the blogging world. But alas, the connection costs and it’s not vital at this moment in time.
So whilst my posts might be sporadic and my recipes sparse, please do stick with me. I am keen to develop my blog further and would love to have some company along the way.


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