Ode to the freezer

Following on from my previous post regarding an article called “Love Your Freezer”, I thought I would share my love for the freezer and write about what I store in it.

I always have frozen vegetables in it. They’re cheap, nutritious and can be bunged in to various concoctions to boost the vegetable count. My vegetable chilli is always made with frozen mixed veg, and it happens to be one of my favourite meals. When I make curry, I add peas to the rice whilst it’s cooking to add another texture.

For any readers who also have a gluten-intolerance, I urge you to dedicate a shelf in your freezer solely for specialist bread. The good stuff is pricey, so I buy mine reduced and store it in the freezer. It lasts longer, can be defrosted a few slices at a time to reduce waste and makes excellent toast, straight from the freezer. Even if you buy your bread full price, it’s a noble habit to freeze half to save feeding the dustbin.

I like to buy organic or free range meat for ethical reasons, but it doesn’t come cheap. As soon as I see a pack of organic lamb mince gleaming at me from a pile in the reduced section, I’ve bought it, got it home, portioned it out and put it in the freezer before you can say “turkish meatballs”. The freezer will keep your meat bargains safe until the need arises for a meaty meal.

A freezer is a foodie’s best friend and a much better companion when not crammed to the rafters with oven chips and reformed chicken nuggets. But feel free to keep the Smirnoff tucked away in there. I do.


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