Frugal Foodie

Sunday afternoon is the time to go grocery shopping. I left the house at 3pm and returned by half past with a bagful of reduced-price goodies. I ventured into my local Sainsbury’s with my eyes on the prize and my elbows at the ready. I live in a student town and we all want a good deal. There was no treasure to be found in the fruit and vegetable department, but that is no issue, as I have a beautiful greengrocer’s round the corner that always has good prices.
But I scored big when I went over to the meat counter. Beef mince, Aberdeen Angus beef burgers and pork loin steaks – all half price, all free range. Good burgers tonight, sticky pork later on in the week and maybe spaghetti bolognese early next week. I love getting good quality food for pennies.


I always find reduced bread a bit hit and miss. I have my suspicions that staff sometimes bypass the free from section completely, only removing the bread from the shelf after its use by date has passed. But Sunday won again, with two packs of nice gluten-free rolls for only Β£1 a pack! Only 25p a roll, I couldn’t quite believe my luck.


You know where I’ll be next Sunday at 3pm.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Foodie

  1. Hey, well done Rebecca. We are in Dorset now, and I went out on Sunday afternoon to, but did not get much in the bargain department, I thought 3pm might be a bit late. I used to buy 90% of our meat reduced in Sainsbury when I worked in Farnham; usually only 30% or so off but it all mounts up, and what I managed to buy one week would be on the menu the following week. We still use our tiny freezer as much as possible now, but there really is not enough space for bread products unfortunately.


    1. I remember cramming my one freezer drawer at Uni with yellow stickers bargains, they make a lot of sense for cheap eats. I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Dorset, best wishes.


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