Organically Cooking

I have this thing about Organic food; I really like it. Maybe I’m a slave to advertising or addicted to the placebo affect, but I genuinely think Organic food is not only better for the planet, but better for our bodies.
Alas, I am but a shop girl, bringing home a wage sufficient for rent and bills and not much else. How dare I bring home Organic food when it is so “expensive”. But I am nothing if not a savvy shopper. Since my years at University eking out a humble budget, I have learnt to make my pennies stretch to good quality food. Even if it meant walking for two miles to save on bus fare, I would still get the best-quality meat from the farm shop.
Is Organic food a class issue? Am I not allowed to purchase it because I don’t have a consistent salary? I don’t believe that to be the case, but I know that to purchase certain items, I need to make sacrifices elsewhere.
The two major ways I sustain a predominately Organic kitchen is through cheap staples and reduced-price treats. I buy my Organic store cupboard essentials in bulk from independent health food stores. I find them to be cheaper than the supermarkets, and they often offer a lot more in the gluten-free department. Then I top up my store cupboard supply with whatever free range or Organic meat I can find that week. I struck gold last week with a reduced pack of Duchy Organic gluten-free honey and rosemary sausages. They taste immense.


I am not 100% Organic yet, I still purchase all my fruit and vegetables from the local greengrocer’s, thus supporting my high street. But I would rather have less quantity of better quality victuals than masses of cheap food. Maybe I’m a food snob or maybe I’m just reaching for a sustainable, fair and effective way of farming that benefits everyone, not just the few.


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