Gluten-free adventures in Glastonbury; Part One

I was jolly lucky to have previously booked my train tickets before travelling on Friday morning. My journey was seamless but the carriages were full. My mother was there to greet me on arrival and we chatted for the entire car journey.

It is a treat to visit my parents’ house, as I am spoilt rotten throughout my stay. Mother had already stocked up on gluten-free goodness and we went hunting for further bargains at the local Tesco in the evening. I didn’t know gluten-free tiger bread existed, and getting a loaf for only 63p was a delight. I sampled some with breakfast this morning and it’s delicious.



We also bought two small GF pizza bases. I ate both for dinner last night. They were exceptional, covered with onions, mushrooms, yellow pepper and mozzarella cheese. I mixed a tablespoon of tomato puree with a teaspoon of pesto and a tablespoon of water to create a delicious spread to put on the bases. This was good eating.


Today, after breakfasting on GF tiger bread, strawberries and mango yoghurt, we ventured down to Glastonbury high street. Mother and I visited my favourite book shops, as well as frequenting (in my opinion) the best health-food store in the country. Earthfare is a remarkable shop, at the top of Glastonbury highstreet. It has a vast range of gluten-free, organic, vegan, fairtrade, raw and other specialist food, cosmetics, laundry aids and drinks. I came out with a sizeable haul, all organic. How could I resist such luscious ingredients?



For dinner, there will be lamb chops. For pudding, amazing GF cupcakes, complete with decadent icing. Don’t worry, I’ve already pinched the recipe from Mother and will be sharing it in the near future. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend with your families and friends.


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