Gluten-free adventures in Glastonbury; Part Two

Another brisk but sunny day in Glastonbury. The morning mist still hung in the air when I opened the curtains this morning. It was soon time for a shower, before heading downstairs for the obligatory mug of tea and a bowl of breakfast cereal. This Nature’s Path Organic Maple Sunrise cereal was new to me. I love Nature’s Path as a brand, their products are gluten-free and organic, my two favourite things. It was undeniably sweet, but as an occasional breakfast, it would be delightful.


We were off out to Taunton today for a browse around the shops. A stop off at the Debenhams cafe revealed to me a new gluten-free cake company. Betty Bakes is a new one on me, and one that I would like to investigate further. Let’s just say, their lemon meringue cake bar was a dream come true.

Lunch was taken at the local Prezzos. I normally have such a good experience in this chain, but today I was disappointed. The service was borderline rude, the wait for our food was atrocious and the pizza base was barely cooked. The topping was plentiful, which was the silver lining, but no tip was left and I would not return.


Home for a light supper of houmous and crudites. And cake, naturally. The recipe for the cupcakes will be posted tomorrow, before I have to leave unlimited access to internet, and my parents, and return to my Nook.


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