Thursday morning

Back to the Nook and back to work after my delightful weekend in Glastonbury. There has been little time for ‘proper’ cooking as of late, as I have been working in the evenings. I take a lunchbox, filled with simple salads or sandwiches, and I am quite sure nobody needs a recipe for those.
As soon as time agrees, I cannot wait to return to my kitchen.

I am also working on my piece for the Waitrose Good Food Guide competition, as advertised in last week’s Waitrose Weekend. I have decided to write about Kate’s Cafe, my favourite eatery on the high street. I visited yesterday with my sister, and their food, service and atmosphere never fails to disappoint. This will be my first food writing competition that I have entered, but hopefully it will be the first of many.

And what about butter? I had my suspicions that it wasn’t really a form of the Devil, but now it seems others have proved this to be true. Pure butter from a real cow sounds more appetising to me than artificially created, chemically-enhanced margarine.

Time for tea and porridge.


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