A certain style

Yesterday’s lunch was a prime example of hash cooking. Hash cooking? It is, at heart, using-up-leftovers and making do. These are meals that perhaps would be perfection with another ingredient, but you make an agreeable substitute with foodstuffs you already have. It’s a style of cookery popular with students and others on a low budget. For me, a pork or chicken stir fry would have been delicious. But I still have sausages in the freezer, so sausage stir fry it was. It was rather tasty, the honey in the sausages marrying with the ginger and garlic in the vegetables. Served up with brown rice noodles from the store cupboard, it made for a hearty lunch pre-work.


I was pleased with my pudding too, consisting of items from the cupboard and fridge. Here we have a meringue (bought from the reduced section!), filled with blueberry yoghurt and a sliver of mango from a tin. I was impressed with the tinned mango, it was very sweet, but certainly ripe and a useful ingredient to have on stand by, when fresh mango isn’t available.


When payday is a distant memory, I enjoy utilising my cooking skills to generate meals that still excite my palette and sustain me for work


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