The question really is, did I spray too much olive oil on the sweet potatoes? Did I dowse them too much , so they would not brown and crisp, but instead turn meltingly tender? Maybe the oven temperature was wrong, perhaps I placed the dish on the wrong shelf. 


For every recipe that goes well, gleefully photographed and published on this here blog, there are several others who’s picture just ends up languishing in my photo stream. My red pepper houmous was too chunky, my pesto pasta was passable and the less said about my gluten free shortbread, the better.

But that’s ok. Even though I only reveal the edited highlights of my adventure in the Nook, I’m still learning all the time. I know what to change for next time – a hand blender, not a standing blender is the best tool when it comes to houmous. I cook, I taste, I learn, I repeat and the flavour gets better with time. That’s the best thing about cooking, you get the opportunity to try something new everyday, even if it never gets its own blog post. 

PS Even if it’s not photogenic or particularly tasty, food waste is a capital crime in the Nook! 


5 thoughts on “Learning

  1. I can never get my sweet potatoes to crisp up like white potato wedges (so have only tried a few times!) Not sure why, but you are certainly not alone!


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get oven-baked sweet potatoes crisp either! There’s a pub nearby that manages to crisp them but they use a deep fryer. They are delicious (and dripping in oil!). I wonder if tossing in a bit of seasoned gf flour would help?


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