I have often thought that I am so blessed to live in such close proxemity to the local library. As well as offering free internet usage, the library also supplies a vast range of books (who would have thought it?). I was attempting to connect to the internet when Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book caught my eye on the shelf. I had read various interviews with Cameron when the book was first released and enjoyed the concept, but to be blunt, I thought it was just another celebrity-endorsed fad. I wouldn’t part with money to buy it, but there was no harm in renting it for free from the library. 

My friends, allow me to introduce the book that has changed my life.

It is a book seeped in facts and scientific knowledge. There are diagrams, quotes and advice from doctors and professors and plenty of number crunching. But instead of being tedious and overwhelming, Cameron’s writing style makes this information accessible and useful. She is honest about her career without sounding smug or self-centered. The in-depth discussion on micro and macro nutrients and why they are so important made something click in my brain. Since reading this book, I no longer indulge in giant packs of unhealthy foodstuffs, not because I’m forcing myself to ignore it, but because my mind doesn’t crave it anymore. I pay attention to my fats, carbs and protein ratio, not intently, but just having awareness has made me feel better, not sluggish nor grumpy. I have been inspired to exercise daily, a short job in the morning, because Cameron makes it sound so appealing. We need more of this sort of writing. Not just propaganda spouting danger after danger, but work that shouts from the rooftops how good a healthy lifestyle can be. 

It’s a phrase I never thought I would type but – thank you Cameron Diaz.


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