Another epiphany

It’s that age old tale. Girl goes into the library. Girl becomes intrigued with library book. Girl brings home library book and becomes so enthralled with library book’s message that she buys her very own copy the next time payday rolls around. 

It’s a story that’s been told before on this blog, but like all the best tales, it keeps coming back in a new format. I read Rachel de Thample’s Less Meat More Veg a couple of months ago and decided then and there to stop eating factory-produced meat. If it doesn’t say free range or grass-fed on the label, we don’t eat it. Snobbery? Or a distinct understanding of how nature is meant to take place and how we can’t abuse that for our own culinary pleasure? 


Rachel’s book not only delivers hardcore facts and passionate reasoning concerning the meat industry, but also a host of delicious recipes. Her idea follows a more traditional approach to eating during the week, with a weekend roast, fish on a Friday and exciting vegetarian dishes in between. The only chapter viabally in my budget at the moment would be the free-range roast chicken, but you do see organic beef joints in the reduced section every so often. Irregardless of money, meat that has been reared with kindness, intelligence and passion should be a top priority on everyone’s shopping list. 


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