Why I went gluten-free

I remember eating a wholewheat sandwich on a train ride from my boyfriend’s parental home to my workplace. I then spent the entire shift bloated, dizzy and with horrendous stomach pains. That was when my conscious was awoken. Before, I thought I was eating too much, or maybe I didn’t respond well to one type of foodstuffs. After every meal, my stomach would swell to the size of a heavily pregnant woman. It was a startaling transformation, and not in a good way. “Babe,” he said. “What’s up with your stomach?”

Research ensued and I showed my mother my uncomfortable stomach and told her about the nausea that I kept experiencing. I cut out all gluten from my diet then and there. I lost weight at first, certainly, but I don’t really agree how gluten-free is becoming a dieting choice. I would give anything to eat rich croissants and crispy spring rolls, but if I do, it will make me sick. That’s a powerful tool when it comes to changing your eating habits.

Perhaps I should have visited a doctor before self-medicating myself. Perhaps I could have just cut back instead of cut out and still had the same benefits. But since going gluten-free, I don’t have the stomach cramps that I associated with eating for most of my life. I genuinely thought that is what happened after you eat. Especially when I went to university, eating wheat cereal for breakfast, wheat bread for lunch and wheat pasta for dinner, I started noticing the side effects more and more. 

My life has improved since going gluten-free, but it was a decision based on my health, not a passing diet fad. 


One thought on “Why I went gluten-free

  1. Annoying not to be able to have fried spring rolls! I had summer rolls in rice paper recently. They were really nice and fresh, but sometimes you do want fried goodies! I wonder if it’s possible to fry the rice-based wrappers?


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