Let’s do lunch

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment in time when I went off mayonaisse, I just didn’t want to eat it anymore. But tuna mayo sandwiches were always a pleasurable lunch time moment. So, we take a can of tuna, a can of sweetcorn and a small pot of organic natural yoghurt and see what we can do. Don’t forget the seasoning! Turns out, the yoghurt gives a delectable tang that I’ve never experienced in a tuna roll before. It’s my new favourite condiment. Lunch time – a twist on a traditional tuna roll, carrot sticks and a bag of tomato and roasted garlic quinoa crisps from the health food store.

There was even enough yoghurt left in the pot for pudding too, hurrah! Fresh mango, peeled and diced, topped with the rest of the yoghurt and a scant teaspoon of honey. Refreshing and indulgent at the same time. Simplicity is a frequent guest at the Nook. 


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