Cheap little luxuries

The chap, during a conversation about cashback websites, said “We’re not very good consumers really.” Alas, it is true, and I kind of like that. But if there’s one thing, aside from jogging and Netflix, that we enjoy it’s good food. Prime ingredients are worth every penny, but exotic items don’t always cost a bomb. 

Avocados are 2 for £1 at the greengrocers at the moment. To me, it’s a fruit for the LA set, those trying to get their good fats. Me, I like to scoff the whole thing, either in the form of guacamole, or as the key component to my Tex-Mex bowl. Healthy and tasty? I feel like I’ve done well.

Mozzarella reminds me of restaurants and pizza. The real buffalo stuff might set you back, but the cheap alternative tastes just as good in stuffed aubergines, or melted on top of ciabatta. 

Pesto always has a home in my fridge. I could make my own, but the little jars are so sweetly priced, it would be more expensive to go the home made route. As a sandwich spread, as a dip, as a marinade, pesto is so much more than a coating for pasta. But still, add some sausages to the mix and you’ve got a proper dinner. 

So two avocados, a jar of pesto and a mozzarella ball will cost you £2.50, pittance for luxury. I wonder what would happen if you threw them all together? Mmm. . . .


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