Everybody disappears when the holiday season hits. It’s the same at summer, Christmas and of course, Easter. The joy for the chap about being the final resident in the house was collecting the booty left in the fridge. It’s like searching for treasure, finding the morsels amidst the mouldy. He found enough ripe ingredients to turn them into a delectable pasta sauce, but one thing my chap won’t touch is mushrooms. Something about the texture, or so he says. So guess who came home with a mostly-full punnet of mushrooms?


I had three hours before heading out the door to work. That was plenty of time to sautee the mushrooms in olive oil, add the remainder of a carton of passata, along with stock, seasoning and a sprinkle of herbs. Tomato puree, one of my favourite ingredients, was added as well as a dash of sugar. Finally, a few tablespoons of red lentils were scattered into the pan and left to simmer. Creating something out of practically nothing is, for me, the best thing about getting creative in the kitchen. 


Layered on top of gluten free pasta, this is a simple vegan dish. It was cooled and stored in the freezer, as I am away for the Easter weekend, but next week, I will have two suppers at work out of a forgotten box of mushrooms. The rewards of thriftiness are addictive.



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