A meaty issue

The thing about cooking with meat is that is requires effort and money, the second one something I am certainly short of these days. But I got my hands on two reasonably priced free range chicken legs last week, I was determined to make something good out of them.

The first was laid on a bed of carrots, butternut squash and onion, roasted to perfection and served two of us, along with some peas. Channeling Rachel de Thample’s visionary idea of less meat, more veg, this was a truly delicious supper.

The second chicken leg needed using fast, as I had hesitated about freezing it. A dollop of balti curry paste was massaged into the leg, after the skin had been removed, and into the oven it went.

I went about making my standard beloved vegetable curry (recipe coming soon). Near the end of the cooking time, I added the shredded chicken and some spinach. The truth? The spinach was an excellent addition; the chicken, not so much. Maybe after years of enforced vegetarianism thanks to a small budget, any carnivorous tendancies have been dulled some what. The vegans have honourable intentions, but to never eat an soft boiled eggs, never drizzle honey over my porridge, never scoop up a spoonful of sausages and mash, it doesn’t seem plausible. But nevertheless, this dish has taught me you don’t always need meat to make a delicious meal. It’s a school of thinking I’m looking forward to studying more intently.


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