Amy’s Mac and Cheese

It’s always nice when you can find a gluten-free product on offer. On one of my many jaunts to the local Waitrose, I found this neat box of gluten free mac and cheese for Β£2. Pretty steep, but not so ridiculous as other gluten-free convinience food. At that price, it was worth sampling. 


The ingredients list reads like a dream – rice macaroni, low fat milk, filtered water, cheddar cheese, butter, rice flour, sea salt and ANNATTO. Bit disappointed at seeing a colourant used in such a pure product, but that is the price one pays for convinience. Then again, I’m not sure what colour is used to make a dish look so pale . . .


I’m not used to putting things in the oven and letting them be, but I waited the allocated forty minutes then served my meal alongside some reduced asparagus that I found in the greengrocers. 

Verdict? It was very cheesy, the flavour was definitely there. The pasta was a bit soft perhaps, but the creamy sauce that draped on my asaparagus was charming and indulgent. It was simple, so  I might purchase again if laziness was a factor. But in forty minutes, I can cook pasta and cheese sauces from scratch, with no coloring either. Maybe because I find joy being in the kitchen, but I know which option I would take nine times out of ten. Well done Amy’s for making an affordable gluten free ready meal, but I’m happy with the Nook version. 





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