Let’s do lunch again

Lunch time is my favourite time of day, apart from breakfast time and dinner time, naturally. As gluten-free bread is so expensive, lunch certainly inspires creativity in the kitchen. I love seeing new GF products emerge all the time and the Warbutons wraps are one of my favourite inventions in recent year – I’m not surprised they won Product of the Year. I can never afford the full price, but once in a blue moon, they appear in the reduced section, and I snap them up. Coincidentally, they freeze well, so can be used at a later date if there is still bread to be eaten up.


One is not quite enough for a proper meal, but two certainly leaves you feeling very full afters. I stuffed mine with tuna, sweetcorn, houmous and greens, and they were a delectable treat for relatively low cost. The remaining two wraps were enjoyed at dinner time a few days afterwards, filled with stir fried vegetables in a fiery chilli sauce. It’s one of my favourite meals and one that you must definitely experiment with.





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