Let’s do lunch on the go

It seems to me that many of my work colleagues exist on energy drinks and biscuits. I say exist, not live, because what kind of life can emerge from such poor fuelling? I’m not perfect, my goodness no, it wasn’t too long ago that I ate an entire Easter egg in one sitting. But I do know that eating good food keeps me smiling during a long shift and maintains a steady energy level. And when good food tastes great, that’s another positive box ticked. For me, it’s a combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates at every meal. I’m all about that balance. 


This is what I took to work for one long, ten hour shift. In the red tupperware, there is a homemade chilli con carne with rice.  Packed full of veggies, it was a filling lunch before I started work, especially when combined with the two plums and a little pot of raisins. I was hungry by the time dinner rolled around, naturally, but I had a cracking layered salad with balsamic onions and mushrooms to fuel me up. The apple and Eat Natural bar gave me a sweet finish to the meal without unecessary sugar. 

My gluten intolerance means I cannot depend on fast food options, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. It means I cook from scratch more often than not and what I do eat is nutritious and delicious, my two buzz words when it comes to my food. 


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