Cooking in the Nook is everywhere!

It is quite the challenge to work a forty hour week, keep up with regular exercise, continue to write blog posts and do other fun things like reading magazines and bathing. I am therefore apologetic if my blog goes quiet from time to time. When I’m busy, I resort to a regular fuelling of home made smoothies, salads and tubs of good stuff that have been lurking in the freezer. Tasty, but not exactly riveting foodie stuff. 

If you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I’m able to post a bit more frequently. I also post a tweet everytime there’s a new post, so you never have to miss out! (Lucky thing, you are)

Twitter: @Bekca

Instagram: @cookinginthenook


In other news, I found the perfect fold leaf table in my local charity shop. It is ideal for my small flat and was an utter bargain at ยฃ20. I’m so glad we finally have a proper place to eat meals from – if only I had the time to cook them! 


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