End of the line

As the month draws to a close, my food pattern evolves from choosing new and exciting things to eat, to existing on whatever is left in my cupboards. True, I do ensure I have a steady supply of home cooked fare ready and waiting in the freezer, but it’s not quite the same as choice based on whims and fancy. 

Many of the contributors to Live Below the Line struggle with the lack of choice in their new diet. I celebrate the initiative for raising awareness and funds for a good cause. But some of us live perilously close to that dreaded line. My world revolves around yellow-stickered bargains and whatever is going cheap at the greengrocer’s.  I’m not like other food writers in the sense that I don’t showcase rare ingredients or review restaurants, because I can’t afford to. 

But I am blessed, the fact I am typing this on an Ipad in testimony to that. It is my choices and my dreams that lead me to having a frugal mindset. So instead of shying away from sharing my tips and tricks for enjoying food on a budget, I’ve decided to revel in it. You can look forward to future posts having a money-saving slant and meals that highlight their humble ingredients. I feel like that would make my blog more realistic, rather than me attempting to be something I’m not. I don’t live in a flash city, I don’t eat out every night and I don’t shop at delicatessens. That’s doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to wirte about food in a passionate and inspiring way. It’s time I started remembering that.  


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