Why I prep my own food

For me, there are few things better than a couple of hours spent pottering in the kitchen. A cup of tea in bed comes close, but my heart lies in the kitchen. Rather than buying meals on the go, I spend my money on ingredients and tupperware so that I can prep delicious lunches and dinners to eat at work. Let’s stick to just three key reasons why I do this.

1) It ensures I can vary my gluten-free diet. By making my own dishes, I can mix up what goes in the lunchbox, with the amazing gift of choice. Meal-time becomes what I want to eat, rather than trying to find what I can eat in a shop. 

2) It allows me to create healthier meals. I know exactly what is going in to each of my plastic containers. With so much debate surrounding the origin of our food and the ethics of its production, I take comfort in the fact that I can read my own labels and know that they are telling the full story. Many of my colleagues survive on energy drinks and chocolate, whereas I choose to thrive on a balance of proteins, fats and carbs, as well as a sneaky piece of dark chocolate – it’s a vital component for health.


3) It saves money. Undeniably. Instead of spending Β£5 a day when break time rolls around, I can spend Β£5 at the start of the week on ingredients, batch cook a dish that will last and add a few extras, like bars or fruit. It’s an economical way to eat on a budget and still enjoy food.  
What goes into your lunch box every day? Or do you buy on the go? Which do you prefer?


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