Let’s have mushrooms for lunch

Seasonal, local, great-tasting produce – what more could you ask for? A reduced price? Oh go on then. 

I picked up these two bargains in Waitrose. I found if you go at the right time, there are stickers aplenty if you’ve got the eagle eyes to spot them. I’m on holiday from work at the moment, which means I’m popping to the shops more than I probably should, but it also allows me to spend time pottering in the kitchen, which is a true delight. To cook from scratch, eat in the peace and quiet and relish every flavour is a pleasure. Mushrooms, spinach, garlic and seasoning, added with brown rice spaghetti and a sliver of brie, makes for a lunch like no other. It was bliss.

But one funghi based lunch was not enough. This was a large punnet of chestnut mushrooms after all, and the chap doesn’t go near them (the fool). Day Two saw mushroom and spinach again, partying with garlic once more, but then creme fraiche turned up and it was all happening on the plate. 


I have a couple of handfuls left, which will soon be sauteed to perfection with Asian flavours to create a sumptous stir fry.  But what to do with the stragglers of the bunch? As if there could be any other answer . . .
A large punnet for 99p was a real bargain, but I would be tempted to pay the full price for this regional delight. They are such a versatile ingredient and I’ve enjoyed myself immensely creating new lunches that extend beyond normal realms. Mushrooms, you’re my fave.


PS This happened and I’m so glad it did.



2 thoughts on “Let’s have mushrooms for lunch

  1. You could tell your chap that it took my chap many years of trying mushrooms every 6 months or so to start liking them, but now he loves them! And then he did the same thing with olives (he’s still only at the sort-of-liking stage with those, but considering he used to spit them out with a disgusted face it’s amazing progress).

    It’s worth knowing that it supposedly takes between 8-16 times of continuously trying a foodstuff in different guises to train your palate to appreciate the taste. Really opens up opportunities for new and delicious dishes! πŸ™‚


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