Cooking with Jack

I have been following the rollercoaster ride of Jack Monroe for some time now. She was one of the first food blogs I discovered after uncovering the world of online cookery writing. I could not be more pleased that her hard work, determination and sheer bravery has led to success. Jack is one of my idols and I regularly use both of her books in the Nook. Her blog is starting to allude to her increased culinary knowledge, with names I don’t know and ingredients that may be hard to source. But when you read through her books, which I do frequently, at heart she is a basic cook that we can all relate to. I appreciate the alternatives in the footnotes, things that prompt you to look at the dish in a different light. Whilst I tend to avoid political confrontation, I found her work with Oxfam truly inspiring and vowed to donate something every month to charity. 

This week, I made the bacon and brie risotto from her first book, A Girl Called Jack. One word; incredible. The red currant jelly does make the difference so definitely add that to the table. I used leek instead of onion because that’s what I add, which is a key philosophy to Jack’s style of cooking. 

Thank you Jack, for keeping my spirits up when supplies are low . And even if you aren’t the daughter of an heiress or an MP, you can still acheive so much through good, old-fashioned graft. 


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