Waste not, want not

The thing about going away for any length of time is that you have to think about the food situation. I spend most of my days thinking about food anyways, but this is a particular circumstance to do so. When you are vacating, you must check that perishables are used up in a suitable manner. Waste is not a word in my culinary vocabulary. So today, I did a lot of cooking.

This is how my fridge looked at the start of my adventure. The remaining bacon (bottom shelf, right) was put in the freezer to use at a later date. Most of the veg in the drawer went into an epic salad, that was consumed with joy alongside some sweet potato and brie cheesy chips. You’re welcome.


I had the strawberries and the last little bit of yoghurt with honey and seeds for a little pudding. 


Most of the carrots went into an epic carrot and cumin soup. The tub of chopped tomatoes were made into a small portion of mushroom and lentil ragu. Both were cooled and nestled into the freezer.


Then finally, the sausages (blue rimmed bowl middle shelf) and green beans were part of a delicious dinner with the chap. The final carrot snuck into the mash. 

I always find it amazing what you can create in the kitchen with minimal ingredients and a fair amount of time. Cooking is wonderfully rewarding. It’s a way of life.


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