Back to the homeland

It’s been a whirlwind time lately, with big changes in our family dynamic as I now have a brother-in-law. Operation Church Date was a complete success and ran without a hitch. There was a certain sense of relief after the big day, with the happy couple jetting off on a relaxing honeymoon. I still have the rest of the week off from work, so the chap and I have descended on Glastonbury for some R&R. After a, ahem, difficult journey (it was nobody’s fault, well. Not mine anyways) we arrived at my parents’ newly developed B&B. It looks stunning and you should definitely check it out here:

After a delectable brunch of cooked delights, we sat back and enjoyed a gluten free brownie made with rice flour. It does add an extra gooey dimension to the mix, well worth experimenting with at home. 

As always, we visited Earthfare, the best health food store I have ever visited. Here’s my haul.

I’m so looking forward to trialling the falafel mix, I haven’t sampled it before. The sweet potato chips have already been scoffed and were slightly disappointing. Money is better spent on any of the Eat Real range; lentil, hummus or quinoa. Gluten free crisps at their finest. 

Salad for dinner, and more adventures tomorrow. And more food, natch. 


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