In good company

It’s a curious thing. I opened up a recent edition of Waitrose Weekend and found this article on the first page:

It seems I am part of a trend! There is certainly a lot of interest in this period at the moment, thanks to recent VE day celebrations. I’ve been enjoying the various relevant programmes on BBC Iplayer, especially Spitfire Women, an inspiring documentary that is well worth a watch. 

I am taking my rationing guidance from Robert Opie’s superb The Wartime Scrapbook.


My weekly rations are as follows: (I am metrically minded)

– 60g tea

– 230g sugar

– 120g jam

– 85g sweets

– 60g margarine

– 60ml sunflower oil (instead of lard, approximately 4tbsp)

– 120g cheese

– 120g ham or bacon

– 340g meat

– 1 egg

– 2 pints of milk

So far, it hasn’t been a testing time, because I’ve had a very full store cupboard to fall back on. The freezer was stuffed too, but I’m already working on reducing that. As the weeks roll on, I’m sure I will be grateful for whatever I can use in the cupboard to supplement the rations. I’ve noticed that I use a lot of margarine and not much sugar. I haven’t done any baking yet, because of a lack of fat and the fact I still have bags of banana cupcakes in my freezer. I had my one egg for the week this morning. Boiled to perfection and served with Genius white toast. Is there a more beautiful sight?

I’ve had some lovely comments about this challenge, do keep them coming. If you are following along too, whether with the full rations scheme or just using up your current stores, I would love to hear from you.   



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