A fortnight on rations

I must remember my manners at once and thank you all for such a wonderful response on my latest recipe post, Butternut Squash and Lentil korma. It was unbelievably popular and the attention it received really made me smile. So thank you kindly.

The adventure with rationing continues. There have been a few discrepancies, namely some contraband midget gems at work and my inability to calculate how much milk I’ve been using. I often share a carton with the chap and it oftens disappears at a surprising rate when he’s around. Still, the challenge is still effective in its main goals, which are to save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle. On Saturday, I weighed out my allocation from stock I already own, and bought a few more items at the supermarket.

I had to buy the bread full price, which I loathe to do, but needs must. I could have had a larger amount of Applewood cheese, but I opted for a smaller bit of Cornish brie for taste value. That’s my sweetie ration for the week, plus some leftover white chocolate from the previous week.I know, miracles do happen. 

I am beginning to wonder how long I can sustain the structure of rationing. For some things, like sweets, I find it very useful to have a bit of restriction. But I now have 400g of sugar with no clue about how to use it. I can see this challenge developing into my own frugal method of food shopping and cooking. 


2 thoughts on “A fortnight on rations

  1. I see you’ve now finished this challenge but I was going to say that I see on other rationing blogs that some people let themselves barter items they didn’t want to use – if you’d had spare sugar you could have swapped it with someone who kept hens for eggs, or grew cabbages. I think a lot of that kind of thing went on.


    1. That’s very true, but sometimes it felt like I was bending the rules too much so I could basically eat what I wanted. I’m much more comfortable with sticking with frugal food, but using whatever ingredients I want πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by!


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