Game Over

The adventure with rationing ended with a bang, a blowout and an excellent celebration to congratulate the chap on completing his final exam at University. We had a decadent meal at Bella Italia, complete with Pinot Grigio and gorgeous gluten free garlic bread. He had meatballs. I had slow-cooked lamb ragu, and the gluten free pasta was cooked to perfection. 

So, I failed to last particularly long on the ration programme. The main problem I found was calculating exactly what I was allowed, seeing as I share things with him, but not always. And also, there was so much sugar. What with all the articles recently damning the “white stuff”, I must admit I was a little concerned about eating too much of it. 

I still adamantly believe we can learn a lot about frugal cookery and house keeping from this era, and I will still pore over my collection of books about the Second World War for inspiration. Eating well on a budget is still my main aim in the kitchen, so I hope to create more recipes in the near future that are gluten free, cheap to make and utterly delicious. Sort of like that ragu today, but maybe, dare I say it, a little better? Let the *new* challenge commence. 


5 thoughts on “Game Over

    1. Something a little different I think, something that I can hopefully stick to! Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to check it out πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by.


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