Gluten free mixed grill

It’s become my mission at the moment to use ingredients I already own and run down the supplies that are currently crammed into the freezer. I had a pack of two lamb rack cutlets in there, which I was imagining serving with a redcurrant glaze and plenty of steamed potatoes. I also had the last pair of gluten free sausages from ALDI, the champion of all gluten free sausages. Mashed potatoes and peas would be a must. But then the chap was coming round for dinner, so why not combine the two into an amazing plate of deliciousness? Sharing food is a joy to be revelled in, after all.

And here we have my take on a mixed grill. One beautifully cooked chop, the accompanying sausages, roasted Jersey Royals, mixed veg and peas, and the crowning glory of a fried egg. I love it went things get inventive in the Nook, you never know what’s going to end up on the plate. This might not seem particularly “out there” for most cooks, but I’ve never bought lamb rack cutlets before, let alone cooked them. This was a satisfying meal, and maybe one I shall cook again if the components turn up in my freezer drawers once more. 


2 thoughts on “Gluten free mixed grill

  1. I hear you on the need for freezer-trimming! I was going to clear mine out today, but after pulling out the fifth un-marked container of leftovers in a tupperware (sweet or savoury? who knows?!) I gave up in despair and just shoved most of it back in again!


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