The comfort bowl

Hot oats? What is this madness? Porridge, my sweet friends, that’s the order of the day, every darn day if I had my way. Seriously, porridge, it’s love in a bowl. 

The thing I love about cooking is the experimentation element. You chuck it, those, bits in and hope for a positive outcome. As you go on, you learn about tastes and senses and begin to understand when to add a little salt or hold back on more spice. I made rhubarb and ginger compote at the same time as I was making rhubarb crumble. You simply chunk your long length of rhubarb, throw it in a pan with half a teaspoon of ginger, two teaspoons of sugar and a goodly helping of water. And then you simmer it to mush, adding more water as an when you need. The end result is a sharp, sweet goo that is unctuous on porridge. Eating with the seasons will make your cooking taste that much better. I implore you to try it yourself.

This is conference pear porridge, topped with flaked almonds with rhubarb and ginger compote. Bliss, even in the rain. 





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