Flash back city

Is there anything more perfect than time spent with a good friend in good weather? The sun had his hat on when I visited Winchester earlier in the week and it made all the difference to our browsing experience. We discovered a new health food store. Hurrah! I can stop mourning the passing of Fuzzis at Winchester, now that this new beauty has popped up. Forgive me for forgetting them name of the establishment, but I’m sure I’ll be back. I had a thorough look round but only came out with a couple of necessities. 

More protein for post-running smoothies and porridge, at a good price too. The gluten free miso was a little pricey for such an ingredient, but I’m dying to try it and it is organic after all. 

My friend made my eyes light up when she said she had a Tastecard. Lunch options became vast. We decided on Zizzis, because I have heard and read good things about their gluten free selection. My pizza was, well, fine. There was enough topping but I was slightly disappointed with the crust, it was somewhat chewy. After experiencing the so far unbeatable base at Pizza Express, it’s going to take something a bit more to knock it off the top spot. If you ever have a choice between the two, Pizza Express wins every time. For gluten eaters, my companion had the pulled pork special pizza and declared it to be very tasty. 

I had a glorious couple of days in my old hometown, catching up with close friends. It’s times like this that make the working week bearable. 


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