Let’s have rainbows for lunch

I had a notion about ratatouille when I found myself with two boxes of gluten free cous cous. One was a gift from the mother, the other was purchased for a dinner party that eventually took another direction. I’m sure there a million and one things you can do with cous cous, but for me, it makes excellent lunch box fare when topped with thick, tomatoey ratatouille. 

I searched in vain for an affordable aubergine to accompany my courgette, peppers, onions and tomatoes. But then, lucky stars abound, in the greengrocers this morning was a perfect aubergine and a slightly bruised corn on the cob, both for 20p. Praise the grocery gods! I was home and chopping veg before you could say added garlic. A rustle in the store cupboard unearthed a can of chopped tomatoes, and a carton of basil and oregano passata, purchased at a bargain price, naturally. Never forget the salt and pepper, which I seem to do frequently. 


If I could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to eat healthily on a budget it would be to eat the rainbow. Buy fruits and vegetables in a vast assortment of colours and eat them to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content. They contain so much good stuff that our bodies thrive on. Add a little bit of healthy fat and a good-for-you-grain, and lunch boxes this week will be nutritious and the envy of the entire staff room. 


PS The corn on the cob was boiled briefly, put on a bed of cucumber and butterhead lettuce and drizzled with chilli sauce. Necessity is the mother of invention. 




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