Simplicity at its finest

Simple ingredients often make the best meals. The Italians know this, the French revel in this knowledge and, at last, the British seem to see the dawn of a new foodie age. Our local, home produced ingredients are receiving international acclaim, as well as being championed on home soil. And this doesn’t necessarily mean the items piled high in upper-end supermarkets with extortionate price tags. My asparagus was cheaper than all nearby supermarkets, but it was still grown in the UK.  

It’s time that is the most luxurious ingredient of all. I personally think time spent in the kitchen is never wasted and a perfectly lovely way to spend a morning, evening, entire day. Then, your efforts are rewarded with a sumptuous meal. This breakfast may have taken longer to prepare than pouring cereal into a bowl, but I didn’t slave for hours on end. And when I sat down to break my fast, I felt like royalty, or at least, high up in the nobility. 

Locally grown steamed asparagus, local free range boiled eggs, a slice of toasted Genius and a large mug of tea.  Decadence is for everyone and for every day. Wouldn’t you agree?


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