Let’s have a friend over for lunch

Imagine it’s late autumn. You have a hand made blanket draped around your shoulders and an exciting book gripped in your hands. Gentle steam is rising from the huge mug of hot chocolate that awaits you nearby. You take a deep breath and the feeling of contentment warms your body. I had the same experience cooking falafel recently. Stood at the stove, spoon in hand, the little balls of chickpea mushed sizzling sweetly in the pan, I was smiling to myself as they were browning. This, I thought to myself, this is why I love cooking, this feeling right here.

I had picked up the Amisa mix on a recent trip to Glastonbury, where all the best health food stores are found. It was reasonably priced, under two pounds, and was something I’ve never cooked before. I must say, the instructions were easy to follow and it all came together as expected. Although I cooked and cooled mine before serving, they were still delicous and with a superb texture.


The falafel formed part of my Middle-Eastern inspired lunch I prepared for a friend recently. There was maize cous cous with peppers, mixed leaves, hummous and various crudites. The table was filled with fresh colourful food, which is just what I want for my lunch dates. Along with tea and brownies, naturally. 



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