Gluten free fried chicken

When you’re into cooking, or any hobby really, you tend to pick up on tips and tricks from the various outlets available. I can’t remember where exactly I learnt about polenta and chicken, but I was keen to experiment with this combination. I knew the format; egg, hot oil, polenta spiked with herbs and spices. I just wasn’t quite sure how to pull it all together. 

Well, it turns out my method was there, the hot oil worked its magic to create a crunchy crust that dreams are made of. But the flavour has left the party. I clearly didn’t add enough Cajun spice, or salt, or something to my polenta. It was dangerously close to the bland border. But, still, at least I will know for next time. 


That’s the thing with cooking, and gluten free cooking in particular, there is often a knack that takes a bit of solving. You might not get the hang of it first time, but it’s always nice to have another excuse for more fried chicken. Maybe I’ll perfect my recipe soon and share it. Or maybe you could experiment with your own, let me know where I’m going wrong! 




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