Healthy food on the cheap

As is often the case when the chap and I sit down to dinner, we tend to discuss food. Food we like, food we loathe, aspects of food culture and the importance of healthy food.

“Like this,” said he, indicating the plate in front of him. “This costs less than a Happy Meal.”

I didn’t believe it at first. Our meal of medallion beef steak, oven chips and salad costing less than £2.50? Well, yes actually. (try not to look at the glass of wine! That’s an optional extra)


The steaks were from ALDI, costing £3.35 for two generous pieces. We had a handful of oven chips each from a £1 bag, so that cost no more than 25p. Plus half an ALDI salad bag totalling 40p. Even if you would care to add the seasoning for the steak and a drizzle of salad dressing, we’re still talking around £2 per portion for a healthy, vitamin rich dinner.

Why don’t more people eat this way?

I have a theory that there is too much snobbery in the food world. I’m sure certain foodies would baulk at the sight of oven chips, but as the ingredient list reads; potatoes, sunflower oil, salt. That’s exactly what I would use to bake them at home, and I’m useless when it comes to chips, so for once, convenience wins out. I’m a great advocate of home cooked food, but there shouldn’t be such a black and white distinction between eating well and eating junk food. Use your pre-prepared salad bags, why bother making your own coleslaw and who says everything in the freezer section is sinful? As long as you’re getting proper nutrition, does the source of it truly matter?


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