Curry for the soul

After a long week of late nights and early starts, I was itching to get in the kitchen. Cooking has been functional, rather than frivolous and fun, which is always a bit of a shame. But on my first available day off, I was in the kitchen by 9am, cutting up chicken thighs ready for marinading.


The Ultimate Student Cookbook had the perfect recipe – Chicken, Butternut Squash and Lentil Korma. This was the book that first sparked my interest in cooking, bought by the chap four years ago. Although I now have to adapt certain recipes to fit my gluten-free way of life, it’s still an accessible and engaging read filled with inspiring dishes. By the evening, I was prepping veg, sauteeing chicken and getting excited about coconut milk all over again. It felt good to hear onions sizzle and being comforted by creamy, spiced butternut squash. Life will be ok, I’ve got leftovers.




I’ve got a couple more weeks to get through, but making time for my passions and interests does make the challenging days easier. And curry, home made curry makes everything a little brighter. What’s your comfort food?


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