Meal Plan Mondays

I thought I would join in with various Meal Plan Monday posts that I have seen on other blogs. I thought I could give a unique perspective on how we feed ourselves (the chap and I) on a Β£40 a week budget, with plenty of gluten free meal ideas. So, here we go:

Sunday – yesterday we enjoyed a hearty meal of pie, chips and green beans. I’ve been hoping to try these Genius pies for a while and they fitted in with my work scedule this week. Look out for the review post soon!


Monday – tonight we will be enjoying a restaurant meal at The Grazing Goat, courtesy of the chap’s parents, as we will be celebrating his graduation. Who knows what will be plated up this evening, but it’s bound to be delicious.

Tuesday – honey and ginger pork stir fry, as we have a lot of local pork still in our freezer, donated by a dear family friend.

Wednesday – goulash, again, because we have pork aplenty right now!

Thursday – a working day, so the chap will be indulging with a pizza, and I will be having my customary tuna salad. It looks like this and I have it all the time. Colourful, nutritious and filling, just what I want at work.


Friday – work yet again, so a similar choppy salad but with chicken. The chap will be heating up the leftover goulash.

Saturday – lamb kebabs, maize cous cous and salad. These are ready and waiting in the freezer, so all we have to do is pick up a bag of leaves to make the meal complete.

I hope that gives you a few ideas about what a gluten free gal eats for dinner. I might continue weekly postings on this topic, as I’m always nosy about what other people are eating! Have a great week.


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