Dinner in Bulgaria

It’s so kind to get an invitation to dinner and especially pleasing when you receive one from a talented cook. My friend and work colleague Mirka invited a small group of girls to her home with the offer of a traditional Bulgarian dinner, moussaka.

Mirka’s vegetarian version featured aubergine and sweet potatoes amongst others and was topped with a sublime cheese mix. With the addition of the Bulgarian spice chubritsa, it was a tasty dish that was cooked to perfection.



Our our hostess has done wonders with the outdoor space to create a welcoming, colourful setting for dinner. Unfortunately, rain stopped play but not before we had enjoyed some fort building and a sparkling tipple made by Mirka. Back inside, the wine was flowing and the dessert was a glorious pales-inspired ice cream, complete with chocolate chips and flaked coconut. It was one of those moments where you’re simply too busy enjoying the food to even contemplate a photograph.


Even though we were forced to admit defeat when big raindrops fell, I think I speak for everyone present that a delightful evening was had and we’re all looking forward to the next occasion. How nice it is to connect with people at the dinner table.


2 thoughts on “Dinner in Bulgaria

    1. That sounds great! It’s funny how we can never get it quite like our mothers and mothers-in-law can, they know all the cookery secrets πŸ˜„ thanks for stopping by!


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