Baking in the Nook


I bought a new recipe book from the supermarket I happen to work in. Entitled Great Gluten Free Baking, it only cost £2.49. After reading through, I deem that to be excellent value.

The recipes stike me as easy to follow, although I haven’t put that to practice yet. They are varied and use intriguing flavours that are not often seen in other gluten-free texts. The other thing I noticed was each recipe uses one or two different types of alternative flour, not a bizarre mixture of four or five. I’ve been put off buying specific gluten-free baking books before, due to the ingredients list being so daunting. Polenta, gram and rice flour can all be bough on my local highstreet at a reasonable price.

It shows how the gluten-free way of eating has become much more prevalent. Just four years ago, the Free From section was tucked into a corner. Now, it stretches out for a good half aisle. That can only be a good thing, although I too get irritated with people dismissing my intolerance as nothing more than pernicious preference. I didn’t choose to eat this way because of a trend. I stopped eating gluten because the side effects were causing me pain. I’m just grateful we are now being catered for in the main stream market. Now let’s hope the prices start coming down! £3 for a good loaf of bread still stings.

Although I’m not an accomplished baker, I’m going to try the Bakewell Tart (as seen on the cover above), Gingerbread Women and White Chocolate and Apricot Muffins from the book. And with Bake Off right around the corner, there’s no better time to don a pinny and get stuck in.


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