Gluten Free roast chicken dinner


I feel like I’ve accomplished something real today. I wasn’t sure if I could, but after two hours of cooking and a lot of excitement, I created a gluten free chicken dinner for two. I used the recipe entitled “Effortless Roast Chicken” from Rachel de Thample’s superb book, Less Meat More Veg. It certainly lived up to its name, I followed the recipe to a tee, and this beauty came out of the oven:


Rachel even gave me the confidence to make gravy from scratch, using the juices from the roasting pan. I used Kallo Organic chicken stock as the liquid to add, and Doves Plain flour to thicken. It too worked like a treat. I was hesitant about getting the timings correct and keeping every element hot, but the chap decreed I did a marvellous job. Our dinner was served with the garlic roasted butternut squash that the chicken was sat on, as well as roast carrots and potatoes, and steamed green beans. With a delicious bottle of red, we sat down to a truly exceptional dinner.



My free free range chicken was purchased for Β£4.99 in ALDI which is extremely good value for free range. We will have plenty of leftovers (meat and veg) which I will be using for recipes during the week. I was impressed with how much meat came off the chicken, as well as the carcass to use. It’s an economical way to eat chicken that I am excited to explore.

I also baked pudding earlier in the day. These are my rice flour brownies, and they are good and gooey. The recipe will be posted very soon.


I hope you enjoyed your Sunday roast, or whatever other dish you are dining on tonight. What’s your favourite thing to do with leftover roast chicken?


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