Lovely luscious leftovers

The most amazing thing about spending two hours cooking an entire roast dinner is that you are rewarded with tupperware boxes filled with leftovers. Especially if you spend a further hour after dinner is completed to put everything in a bifg ol’ pot and brew up some stock. This is the first time I’ve made stock from scratch and it was totally worth it.



Today, I whizzed up the leftover roasted vegetables, a few pieces of chicken and some of the tasty stock, added more thyme and seasoning and conjured two bowls of unctious soup. Here it is served with buttered GF tiger bloomer and a little more chicken on top.


I don’t actually know how long you can leave leftover chicken for, so I thought it was safer to use most of it ASAP. Tonight for dinner, we had sweet potato and chicken curry with basmati rice and peas. I love that you can create so much by using creativity in the kitchen and adding a few more handfuls of ingredients here and there. I can see chicken turning up in my oven very soon.



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