Let’s have lunch at Leon


I think I am correct in saying that I first became notified of Leon’s existence by the wonderful medium of Instagram. Some of my favourite London-based accounts were sharing pictures of truly mouth-watering food under that necessary tag of “gluten free”. With one failed attempt to visit Leon under my belt, I was determined to track it down next time I was in London. That opportunity came along last weekend, and I suggested it to my companions. Luckily, they all agreed to give it a go.

Such choice! Such a realm of plenty rarely enjoyed by those of us with food intolerances. I gazed up at the menu board like one would look upon a holy saint. The choice was plentiful, and yet not overwhelming. I happen to think it’s a good sign when a restaurant doesn’t advertise too many dishes, thus avoiding spreading their attention too thinly. I ordered the sweet potato falafel, orange juice and cranberry almond slice with glee.


For me, Leon epitomises my mantra of good food, in a box. Their meals are made up of natural ingredients, cleverly combined with layers of flavour to create a meal that is healthy, vibrant and tastes utterly delicious. I could’ve eaten a second box, if I didn’t have my gluten free cakey treat waiting for me in its pretty pink bag.


I have one thing to say about this masterpiece – it tasted as good as it looks. I could spend months researching the recipe, and never quite achieve the crumbly base, sweet topping and chewy fruit that melted in my mouth. Again, the choice of baked goods was a delight. Not everything made at Leon is gluten-free, but I think I’m right in saying all of their cakes and treats are.


As for my friends, they too had sweet potato falafel but added Leon fries, which were like crispy waffles (I had to taste in the name of research!). Another friend opted for the Thai green chicken curry, which I didn’t manage to sneak a spoonful of. But I’m sure they’ll be another visit in the near future where I can taste another boxful of delight from Leon. Hats off, hands down, all hail, the best gluten free lunch time destination I have ever had the pleasure to visit.



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