Eating Organic Food; Is it worth it?

I have flirted with an organic lifestyle for many years. During University, I began to educate myself on farming practices and nutrition and began to sample organic food from the fortnightly farmers’ market. Organic food ticks all of the boxes, apart from price. The care and time takes to grow organic produce inevitably means an increased cost, but this was out of reach for my student budget. But times, they are a-changing.


The chap has given me the go ahead to buy as much organic food as our budget allows for. He’s always shirked the issue in the past, declaring it wasn’t worth the money. From my point of view, good food with high vitamin content is priceless. As long as there is still plenty to eat, I can use our weekly budget of Β£40 to purchase organic groceries. It takes a certain amount of planning to feed two people organically for that amount, but I do enjoy a good budgetting challenge. Not to mention my needs for gluten free stuff too!

Even though I have more money in my pocket than the past, I find I simply buy more food, not better quality or healthier versions. We have more snacks when we’re feeling flush, and it doesn’t agree with my waistline. I’m hoping by limiting myself to just organic fare, I can maintain a charming figure and feel healthy and vibrant.


Will the extra cost for our day to day food equate to increased vitality and weight loss? It’s too early to tell, but the organic blueberries I had for breakfast this morning tasted so fantastic, I’m already converted!


8 thoughts on “Eating Organic Food; Is it worth it?

      1. I don’t mind at all! Prior to changing my diet, I had stomach and digestive issues and was diagnosed with IBS. I was put on medication but it didn’t seem to work. I ended up changing my diet to incorporate more whole, organic foods and after about 6 months I stopped taking the medication. I eliminated processed foods all together as well. Ever since then I’ve felt much better, no longer taking the meds and free and clear of IBS.


      2. That’s amazing! I’ve had digestive issues in the past, which led me to a gluten free lifestyle, but I still have a sensitive stomach that reacts to certain food. It will be interesting to see what kind of results I get πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Since I haven’t been picking up much extra work after my op I can’t afford to buy much organic at the moment, but I do try to stick to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists when I can (I don’t sweat it too much). Have you seen it?

    Obviously they tested a lot of produce from the USA so farming practices may differ in some of the stuff we get here, but some is just down to the construction, how a vegetable takes up stuff on its skin/surrounding soil etc. so I still think it’s useful.


    1. I’ve seen the list and will definitely keep it in mind for the last week before payday when money gets a little tight πŸ˜„ But to see benefits, I think eating mainly organic is the way forward to see benefits. Thank you for stopping by!


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