So far, so great

Thank you all for your likes, comments and advice on my previous post about moving towards an organic lifestyle. It has been very encouraging for me and making me feel even more confident that this is a step in the right direction.

Over the past couple of days, not everything that has passed my lips has been certified organic. But that’s cool, because food waste is a sin and who am I to demand exclusively organic food at a friend’s dinner party? I haven’t reached obsessional level yet, and quite frankly, I hope I never do. But already, I have been picking up on benefits for my body and my mindset.

1) Organic produce tastes seriously good. The blueberries – every one is pungent and bursting with juice and flavour. The sweet potatoes – they smell like the earth and roast like a dream. The bacon – I have no words.


2) My body doesn’t respond well to sugar. I had hoped this day wouldn’t come and I wouldn’t be forced to admit what I’ve known for awhile who my masked nemesis was. It’s time to pull it into the light and come to terms with the fact that I should be eating less sugar. I eat sweet potato wedges and my tummy lies flat and happy. I eat gluten free chocolate cookies and the grumbling and bloating begins. A life without chocolate doesn’t appeal at all, that’s almost as bad as suggesting I give up wine. But I hear you Tummy, and we’re going to work on it.

3) Waitrose reduces a lot of their organic produce. I don’t think I’ve bought many of my items full price yet, although that will certainly change. Still, eating organically on a budget might not be as impossible as the media would have you believe.


As for the next couple of weeks, I will continue to only buy organic where possible, eat up the last of my stores of non-organic foodstuffs and try, my word I can only try, to cut down on the refined sugar.


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