If you can’t beat them

After a whirlwind morning of chores, laundry, shopping and running, it was high time for lunch. The ingredients lay out before me, collected earlier in the day. I clapped my hands, turned on the oven and got down to some serious cooking in this Nook of mine. I even got to use my new gadget! And let me say, I was highly impressed. It blitzed through the Brazil nuts like breadcrumbs.

The Brazil nut and rocket pesto is the first Deliciously Ella recipe I have been able to try. And from the moment I sampled a little off the tip of my finger, I thought, I could get used to this. The taste was fresh, sharp and you could taste the rocket, the lemon, everything I had whizzed up in batches in my new kitchen friend. A little too much lemon perhaps, but I’ll know for next time. I smothered a tablespoonful across some sauteed courgette, mushrooms and tenderstem broccoli (all organic!) and served them alongside baked sweet potato fries. As I sat down to lunch, a small smile of appreciation spread across my face right before I tucked in.

Joy has overtaken the jealousy. And it tastes good.



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